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[Mixtape] Int'l Dj Chenz Ft Da Upbeat (IMAGINATION) Vol. 4

In collaboration with DJCHENZ AND DA UPBEAT, We present Dope Mixtape to you all.. Enjoy & Keep Downloading

[Music] Mr. Chocho - Mti Tamono (Prod. By DABEAT)

As promised earlier on, Mr. Chocho has dropped the star studded version to his record titled “Moti Tamono” produced by popular Nigerian hit maker, Dabeat.

 Click To Download

After gaining massive airplay on many things ft Oritse Femi, Here comes another banger that will take u off the hook: Mr Chocho - Moti Tamono (prod by DaBeat)

If You Have These Two Holes on the Back You are Really Special! Here is What it Says About You

These are small circles, which are formed on the lower back in men and women. In the event that they are men, then it is the Apolloholes.

They are in a place where two bonesconnect the hip, and can be seen only inpeople who have this (related to tiny chemical assembly instructions inside of living things) strong needor appropriate size bone-connecting bands. We can choose whether we have them or not, because itusually comes to (the study of tiny chemical assembly instructions inside of living things).

Must Read : 5 Ways To Prevent Pregnancy Without Using C ondoms

To prevent pregnancy naturally without a co ndom, one thing you can do is to get a copper T. Women who want to prolong motherhood and enjoy their sex lives can turn to this method.

However, there are possible chances that you will not be able to conceive. The other possible way to prevent pregnancy without a condom is to for the woman to consume the pill. Here again, the side effects are in number and one should consume the pill often.

More than this, there are other possible ways to prevent pregnancy naturally without a condom.

Take a look at these simple tips to avoid pregnancy:

*The Safe Week*

The pull and pray method or withdrawal method is also followed by a lot of couples.

However, it is not completely safe. But, according to experts, this pull and pray method is about 83 percent effective, just equivalent to a condom which is said to be 84 percent safe to prevent pregnancy.

You can prevent an unwanted pregnancy with:

Total Abstinence

Use of contraceptives

If you are sexually active and do not want to get pregnant, always use contraception.

Methods of Contraception:

No method of contraception gives 100% protection.

The male latex condom is the only contraceptive method considered highly effective in reducing the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s). Birth control pills, Implant and IUDs do not protect against STD infection.

For the Woman

DEPO-PROVERA is a hormonal contraceptive injected into a muscle on the arm or buttock every three months. The injection must be repeated every 3 months. The menstruation can become irregular and sometimes even absent.

FEMALE STERILIZATION is done surgically. The tubes are ligated, preventing the egg-cells from encountering the sperm cells and preventing any future pregnancies. It is a permanent form of contraception.

6 Cheating Women Who Slept With Someone Else Confess Why They Did It

Over a year ago I wrote an article where I interviewed 6 men who had cheated on their significant other, and asked their "real" reasons for doing so.

To my surprise, that article got a ton of (reactions or responses to something/helpful returned information). I wouldn't exactly think about/believe that article a hard hitting "high-brow" piece of writing, however, I did always plan to write an almost the same article with (male/female status) reversal and ask women the same questions. a۬a۬But when it became somewhat of a (something that causes arguments between people) article, re-published by many places/locations, with many, many comments (many talking about/saying that it was unfair to only say men cheat, it was 'sexist', so on and so forth, you get the idea), I decided to let the kettle (slightly boil/be quietly angry) until I wrote another article from 6 women's thinking's for why they cheated.

If I'm completely, and painfully honest (which will offend a few women, sorry in advance), realistically, I think women cheat just as much as men. Lets not forget there are (more than two, but not a lot of) types of cheating. Emotional, physical, mental. But, I still think there is just as many women who cheat as there are men. To be honest, I just think women are a bit smarter at hiding it most of the time.

I finally decided to sit down 6 women I know personally who have cheated or had an affair and asked them the same questions as I (before that/before now) asked the men. [Names have been changed for privacy]. a۬Side note: I do not support, agree with, or find cheating acceptable in any form.

1. Taken For Granted 

Chelsea Ellise: What would you say the main reason was that you cheated?

Steph: I was feeling really treated as something unimportant that will always be there and unappreciated, and we had many fights over it yet nothing was changing. I didn't want to just give up on our relationship, but at the same time I met somebody who really appreciated and built me up everyday and finally I gave into that. I gave into that self-image/snobbiness boost, that appreciation I had been badly wanting.

Chelsea Ellise: In all honesty, do you regret it?a۬a۬Steph: This is (very bad and upsetting), but no. I don't. I've actually been with the guy who showed me the appreciation at that time for almost three years, now.

Chelsea Ellise: Do you at least regret the way it was handled? a۬a۬Steph: Yes. Of course. It got messy and it didn't need to be.

2. Open Relationship 

Chelsea Ellise: Rachel, I'm actually most excited to interview you. You and your boyfriend have a bit of a weird set up, don't you?

Rachel: [Laughs] You could call it that.

Chelsea Ellise: You used to hate the thought of cheating, I remember, you completely and totally hated it!

Rachel: Yeah, back then, the idea of cheating might as well have been the holocaust to me. It fucking disgusted me.

Chelsea Ellise: Yet now, you're in an open relationship. A comfortable one too! Can you tell me how that came to be?

Rachel: Oh god, I might be single by the end of this. Seriously, from the get go we both cheated. We both knew we wanted to be together, but we went through all this back and forth of him being away, us doing long distance, then I would find out he cheated, so I would go cheat, he would find out, so he would go cheat, it was like keeping count/total, who could hurt each other most. But, we didn't want to emotionally be with anybody else and still don't.

Chelsea Ellise: So how did you guys mention (for the first time) of the subject of maybe having an open relationship?

Rachel: He just said to me one day, "Look, it's going to happen. I love you, but we aren't in the same city, we're in our twenties, we're both attractive, and we both go out a lot. Why don't we figure out a way to not hate each other for doing that"

Chelsea Ellise: I still can't believe you went for that, just knowing you.

Rachel: I can't either. It still kind of grosses me out but I just don't think about it and just do my own thing.

3. Caught In The Act 

Chelsea Ellise: Hi, Hannah. I'm going to have to grill you a bit here because lets be honest, the way you got caught cheating was violent/difficult.

Hannah: Ugh, no kidding.

Chelsea Ellise: So, you had been with Elliot for 3 years and you went to a Cinco De Mayo party a couple years ago. Can you describe in detail from there?

Hannah: I can, but will I? [Laughs]. Just kidding. Yeah, we were going to a fiesta party or whatever, so (definitely/as one would expect) we were already hammered. When Elliot and I drank together it was world war 3, we always fought. So, that's what happened. And I got black out and basically decided " Well fuck him, he takes me as something that will never go away anyways" and I hooked up with this really good looking guy I had been flirting with for months.

Chelsea Ellise: And then...

Hannah: Oh god. Alright. And then me and this other guy, we started having sex in the freezer of the pub we were at, and I guess my ex had (understood/made real/achieved) I wasn't around so him and his buddy came looking for me, heard shit going down in the freezer, opened it and basically saw us dead in the act.

Chelsea Ellise: That's bumpy and twisted. I still can't get over that. Drunk or not, would you say it all came from/was caused by feeling like he was unthankful for what he had in you?

Hannah: Totally. And also, a bit, this is embarrassing, but I thought he would eventually cheat or leave me anyways. Things hadn't been going well.

4. I Was Done With Him 

Chelsea Ellise: Golden yellow/hardened tree sap, what was your reason for cheating?

Golden yellow/hardened tree sap: It's as simple as this. I was done with him. But, we lived together. We shared a dog. Shared cable, shared wifi, shared a car, we were close with each other's parents. I was working two jobs and going to school and I just didn't have the energy to break up. I think he probably cheated and did the same, he just never got caught. I didn't go out of my way to sleep with other people but if it happened, it happened.

5. In Need Of An Orgasm 

Chelsea Ellise: What about you. Chloe? What was your thinking?

Chloe: I sound like such a complain/very mean woman, I honestly really did love him but... his penis was just so small and it didn't do anything for me. Like, I could never get off. And I'm a sexual person. I needed to get off.

Chelsea Ellise: What's that saying? "It isn't the size of the ship but the movement of the ocean?"

Chloe: That saying is bullshit. The ocean isn't always moving the way you want it to, okay? It's about the size of the ship. It is 100% about the size of the ship. Dick. Can I just say size of the dick? Cause that's the truth. I could barely feel it! What's a girl to do?

Chelsea Ellise: You're a (worthy of being laughed at due to extreme stupidity or silliness) human being, you know that? I don't even know what to say back to that. I'm going to move on and leave that there!

6. (sources of worry and stress) 

Chelsea Ellise: Okay Tina, last but not least. Why did you cheat?

Tina: Because I was insecure and looking for anybody to validate me and build me up because at that time, I couldn't do it myself, so any guy who showed interest made me feel worth something, validated, hot, whatever. It was sad/causing pity and sadness but that was my struggle, it was my (sources of worry and stress). Still is.

Chelsea Ellise: Thank you guys all so much for answering my questions honestly, I really appreciate it and hopefully the readers will too!

5 Approaches to Change Your Website and Turn into a Computerized Influencer

Today, many whiz writers (on shared online pages) are making at least 100,000 pay rates and running their own particular organizations. Prepared with just a camera, a portable workstation and a couple of very important props, they have figured out how to interest a great many fans and sign contracts with a part of/amount of the biggest brands on the planet. Also, developing your group of onlookers on online networking and improving your web journal (number of people who read) is no more restricted to writers (on shared online pages). Organizations too have thought about/believed the importance of online networking and places/locations and many are using their site carefully readrs and online networking fans to produce (sneaky, secret thing) and drive deals. Here are five tips on the best way to build your online networking taking after and turn into an influencer in the advanced space:

1. Way(s) of doing things takes you to 2 million members. 

The greatest misguided judgment is believing that that written work awesome articles and taking huge number of of photographs is (good) enough to wind up a very much perceived writer (on a shared online page). Although substance is extremely important (see underneath), the most very important piece of winning a group of people over is way of doing things. One way(s) of doing things to use is the (act of asking questions and trying to find the truth about something) device on website and online networking; figure out what sort of substance is most shared and enjoyed, and begin creating more it. Another way(s) of doing things is to study wording in the titles and pictures that go with articles keeping in mind the end goal to figure out what pulls in gathering of people the most.

2. Quality written substance makes all the difference. 

In the event that you hope to snap one hazy picture, or compose an article in five minutes with the goal that it might be shared and appreciated by a great many carefully readrs and members, reconsider. Before you take a photograph, you can: Google the most (recorded on a camera or computer) areas in the zone, go to beautiful settings, plan groups, props and formats, and change photographs using different portable applications. (thinking about/when one thinks about) learner YouTube photography instructional exercises can (promise that something will definitely happen or that something will definitely work as described) amazing/very unusual quality pictures. Every article or a picture needs to have the "goodness" part; generally, don't distribute it. Fair efforts/tries will bring about ordinary (with nothing unusual) substance, and your group of onlookers will take off. It is ideal to hold off distributed anything than to distribute something that is just alright.

3. (ability to create interesting new things) wins. 

Ignoring (people's feelings) what they taught you in school, and break all the guidelines with regards to being (having a unique quality) and getting clever in the advanced space. The more one of a kind the substance, the more probable it will draw in a crowd of people. (dividing people into two opposite groups) substance is alright also. You are not composing to be politically right and please everybody; people need to hear and see something other than what's expected. On the off chance that you are not happy with others knowing your personality, make a handle. Reposting others' pictures (unless they are "yell outs" - see underneath) or articles all alone online networking and (shared online writing page) is a major no. Your group of onlookers tails you on online networking and carefully reads your web journal since they think about your voice/point of view. Posting individual, one of a kind and (like nothing else in the world) substance is one attribute that all hotshot advanced influencers have in like manner.

4. Coordinated efforts are extremely important. 

Try not to hope to end up a stone star advanced influencer overnight. It takes most writers (on shared online pages) no less than a year before they see a real/honest contrast. In many cases, influencers team up on many difficult projects for nothing keeping in mind the end goal to get their image out there. Offer your amazing and interesting substance free to different places/locations, magazines, occasions and some other outlets that may require it. Approach just that they give credit to your pictures and/or articles. Find different writers (on shared online pages) and ask as to whether you may trade gatherings of people - in the world of Instagram, this is called "yell outs." You will find that many writers (on shared online pages)/records of your size and bigger will share your pictures and give you admission/response/recognition for substance for nothing out of pocket. This idea is hugely doable/possible and has permitted us to (accomplish or gain with effort) a huge number of new carefully readrs and fans.

5. Understudies to representatives. 

"Scaling hints doing less yourself" is a pearl of knowledge we got from our teachers. As your group of onlookers takes off, contract an understudy to deal with your substance and keep up/expansion association with your gathering of people. Giving distributed experience and information to your understudy will be (very valuable/very dearly loved), and you will have the ability to get greatly needed/demanded help as you develop. As you develop your group of onlookers, your goal should be to end up more a written opinion manager and to a lesser degree a writer (on a shared online page). Along these lines, you will have the ability to concentrate more your highly needed/demanded regard for (full of imagination) and business side of things.

15 Single Men Explain Exactly What Freaks Them Out The Most When They’re Hitting On You

"Beside the worry (about the future)/capture of dismissal I'm not especially confused of anything. That is to say, dismissal is the whole thing right? For me it can take a (large/relatively large) measure of drinks to develop the boldness or, on those unusual/amazing evenings when I'm having a very badly wanting for ruler of the world, it's somewhat less demanding. In any case, in any case, at last working up the strength and afterward getting shot down sucks truly hard."

-- Richard, 23

"On the off chance that the individual I'm trying to talk with is in a gathering that can make it irregular especially on the off chance that I don't have a wing man to run impedance. A great deal of times it appears like the young ladies that I'm not hitting on need to prevent me from trying to talk with anybody like 'they're not hitting on me so I'm exhausted and will run him off.' For those that don't understand what a wing man is for, that is what they're for, keeping the others ocupado so you can really talk with the young lady and check whether she's cool or into you."

-- Julio, 25

"I wind up hitting on the drunkest young ladies in the bar without intending to. It looks like trying to talk with an (operation that slices up the brain to calm mentally ill people) tolerant. 'What's up, hey I just thought I'd come over and talk with you. You're looking completely fine.'

She reacts "glarblblargl." Oh, you're crushed. So that half hour I simply spent checking whether you may be interested in somebody talking with you were completely wasted and I'm an unpleasant judge of collectedness. Awesome.

This happens three times out of four. It's turned into my most (in an obvious way) awful bad dream."

-- Nathan, 21

"I have zero worry (about the future)/capture of hitting on anybody. On the off chance that they're not into it that is fine. One thing I will let you know however is that in case you're trying to talk with a young lady in a gathering a great deal of times the young ladies that you're not trying to talk with will talk you up at any rate. Simply be interested in talking with anybody and I believe there's not something to be restless about."

-- Andrew, 26

"I'm not an attractive man. I suggest that fairly and in an unprejudiced way. Definitely that I am beneath (usual/ commonly and regular/ healthy) looking. I also/and don't (make money/get something good) so I can't generally clean up what I have with articles of clothing.

There's been a couple times when I've stared at somebody and began to approach them and I can tell by their (change to make better/related to changing something) in expression that they're supposing kind and giving god he's coming here. At that point I simply get a lager or walk to the restroom.

I've gotten completely great at telling however no doubt, being an ugly person makes trying to talk with a young lady at a bar truly unpleasant."

-- Marlan, 24

"General (feelings of doubt and hesitation) is an issue for anyone. I think folks develop this more than they should or if nothing else a great deal of my companions do. It's the same as talking with whatever other outsider. You're not experimenting with to be the person having intercourse with her without a moment's pause on the barstool. You're simply talking with an outsider. "

-- Scott, 27

"It looks like fishing/planning something sneaky. Thrown the line. You'll get a hit or you won't. In the event that you don't, so what? In the event that you do, amazing, see where it goes.

There are a larger number of ladies than there are men. In the event that you get rejected it's truly not that huge an arrangement. There's dependably another person to attempt to talk with."

-- Peter, 24

"The pausing (or failing) lies/dishonesties are what I truly have tension about. Letting me know you have a (loved person/very nice person) instantly after I say hey what's up is obvious that you don't have a lover. Like, simply say thank however I'm not very interested. Unless I'm completely crushed and acting like an ass then I'll get the message. I know it most likely isn't suggested along these lines however when somebody is dishonest to/lies to you right out of the container then it feels like they think you aren't reasonable (without any concern about/having nothing to do with) their time and that sucks."

-- Jacob, 22

"At the point when young ladies are out I feel that they're in hyper guarded mode a ton of times. They don't need anybody to disturb them or get extremely angry at them in the event that they would prefer not to talk. In case you're truly simply trying to say hey then getting rejected cause they're scared or whatever it can be quite disturbing. I've (almost completely/basically) quit trying to talk with young ladies openly due to it."

-- Craig, 25

"My most loved story is the point at which I drew nearer a young lady remaining single/alone who was super pretty and had amazing/very unusual style and she just said 'fuck off' when I made proper casual friend/knowledge.

Goodness, very thankful. I won't bring across that with me for the following week by any means. Hasn't ever happened from that point forward yet I definitely recall that it."

-- Jimmy, 22

"I don't hit on a young lady who's in a gathering any longer and in case I'm with a gathering of folks myself I generally ask as to whether the young ladies need to play shoots or something. It's low weight and fun and comforts everybody rather than simply remaining there and trying to visit to a more interesting that you're just talking with because of the fact that they're appealing."

-- Brandon, 22

"I used to hate hitting on young ladies since they're all constantly expecting it and you're never going to catch them with their watchman down. Used to get used up/reduced by that. Most ideal approach to get a young ladies (serious thought/something to think about/respect) when you're out is just to sit near her and perceive how the night goes. There's a minute a great deal of times when she's interested in you saying something to her. At that point it's far more common and you didn't walk over the room just to remain before her and make proper casual friend/knowledge.

Way less unpleasant for everybody."

-- Mark, 24

"This poo is not super real/honest. There's no (desire to do something/reason for doing something) to give some outsider any control over how you feel whenever by any stretch of the imagination. She's only a man. She might exhaust af. She might be beautiful. You'll know inside seconds on the off chance that she's exhausting or not interested. You don't owe an outsider anything and they don't owe you anything. Tell a joke, compliment her in the event that you like something about her.

What difference does it make? I used to have uneasiness about talking with young ladies until I understood that they have no clue what they're searching for until they discover it. Practically simply like me. The end."

-- Blane, 23

"Being super shy completely and totally spoils any diversion I may have in some other way. I'm quite attractive yet I'm shy. I dress really well however I'm shy. I generally feel like a young lady can tell that I'm not some rude and sure individual. It disturbs me awful."

-- Todd, 25

"I never recognize what to say after "howdy." I can't help it! I need to say something amazing or fascinating or entertaining yet I can never think about a thing to say. 'How's you're night going?' That sounds terrible."

-- Rob, 22

3 Things You Should Quit Doing to Turn On Your (full of imagination) Mind

In the event that you read any of my articles you would (understand/make real/achieve) that I don't trust that some people were understood/created more new and interesting than others. I don't trust that self (people who are watching something) are more (full of imagination) than outgoing people, or the other way around. In fact, even the left-brain right-mind very old story/untrue story was disappeared (or wasted). In a late article, Neil Stevenson showed how (the science of nerves and the brain) is helping in understanding imagination in people. He experienced a mind X-ray output to help in exploring things done by the (showing the ability to create interesting new things) ability Organization, which drives the charge against the "left-brain, right mind" model.

The operation of the mind is much/a lot more confused than that over-rearranged model. The frontal flaps are in charge of our official, strict/excellent abilities (to hold or do something), and in fact (separate far from others) us from our (first models of things/ancestors) (and clear up why our eyebrows are higher than theirs, because of the improvement of the frontal cortex with development). At whatever point we practice our (related to certain things being ranked above or below other things)/official abilities, the frontal cortex "lights up/educates."

In any case, the study appears, rather than searching for what (land areas owned or controlled by someone) "light up/educate" for clever abilities (to hold or do something), we should (focus mental and physical effort) on the nerve-related/brain-related systems that work when the official abilities (to hold or do something) are not used, in the middle of wandering off in fantasy land and unwinding. "Imagination is a mode, not a character," claims the article. Rather than practicing our "intelligence muscles" we have to just figure out how to close down our official frontal cortex and fantasy. This is the reason our best thoughts happen in the shower, or while resting.

Be that as it may, keeping in mind the end goal to figure out how to close the frontal cortex down, we have to (understand/make real/achieve) what turns it on. Generally, three things we do turn our official abilities (to hold or do something) on: making a decent attempt to center and think, drinking (very strong coffee)/dark brown, and topping off "dead time" with sorted out exercises, for example, checking email.

Because of that, the two things you should quit doing as such you can turn on your new and interesting brain are:

1. Quit drinking (very strong coffee)/dark brown.

(very strong coffee)/dark brown sharpens/improves official (serious thought/something to think about/respect) and keeps our brain from floating. Let's be honest - that is exactly why we drink (very strong coffee)/dark brown. So stay wakeful. To stay alarm. On the off chance that we quit drinking (very strong coffee)/dark brown, we let our brain float. We may wander off in fantasy land. Also, that is the point at which we are clever.

2. Quit using your telephone when you don't have anything to do.

Clayton Namesen, in The Pioneer's Answer (his spin-off of The Trend-setter's Difficult situation) understood that Edge's Blackberry's "employment" was not to bring across and connect/communicate, yet rather to fill little scraps of time with money-making exercises. Those same exercises that will light the frontal cortex and keep us from being (full of imagination). "Our telephones are a (land area that has never been changed by people) exercise center for the official control system," and because of this keep us from getting a charge out of some peace time. There is a (desire to do something/reason for doing something) behind why our best thoughts happen without a telephone in our grab/understand. While walking, for instance. Another article strongly defended/strongly expressed that "Charles Dickens regularly walked for 30 miles a day, while the thinking expert Friedrich Nietzsche announced, "All really amazing/very unusual careful thinking are carefully thought about/believed while walking." I bet they didn't use their telephones while walking.

3. Quit trying to center when you can grab/understand "down time"

Down time is the point at which you will be (full of imagination). Admit/recognize/respond to times in the day in which you will have no (responsibility/duty). Truth be told, the article (promised that something will definitely happen or that something will definitely work as described) that our instruction (solid basic structure on which bigger things can be built) comes up short us by obliging understudies to be ready and centered, the inverse of casual and clever.

Give yourself a chance to stare off into space. Try not to attempt to stop it with (very strong coffee)/dark brown, don't attempt to fill "dead time" with your telephone, grab/understand "down time" and you will expand your imagination.

Phylicia Rashad has had enough. The former “Cosby Show” star is finally telling the truth about Bill Cosby…

Phylicia Rashad has had enough. The previous "Cosby Show" star is at long last coming clean about Bill Cosby... 

Phylicia Rashad has (backed away in mild fear) far from talking on Bill Cosby's attack statements, after more than 50 ladies approached (promising that something will definitely happen or that something will definitely work as described) they were (gave drugs that cause sleep or calm feelings) and attacked by the performer. Rashad (lowered in number/got worse/gotten worse) to answer questions because of the case "being in prosecution."

The 67-year-old Tony-winning and Emmy-assigned performer was being met for The New York Times about her latest Play, Head of Passes. Phylicia got over any questions (related to/looking at/thinking about) Cosby, answering, "This is in prosecution now, isn't that so? At that point I'm not saying on anything. Give that play itself a chance to out."

At a certain point the performing artist was gotten some information about her feelings on Bill, reacting by expressing, "Am I connected with a real issue or am I connected with people? I'm not connected with the story by any stretch of the imagination. I'm connected with people."

Rashad assumed the part of Clair Huxtable for eight seasons on "The Cosby Show" and four more seasons on the sitcom "Cosby."

The performer stood up in January 2015 about the ladies' cases about her previous TV (husband or wife) and was referred to/was given a ticket as expressing, "(ignore/not notice) these ladies."

She later told (to people) to ABC that somebody had misquoted her. Rasad said, "That is not what I said. What I said is, 'this is not about the ladies. This is about something else. This is about the destruction of (something given to future people).'" She included, "My hidden (under) response to the statements was, 'Well somebody has a personal stake in keeping Cosby's (the act of reaching a destination) to network TV.'" Rashad also/and shared that she had not talked to/looked at Cosby before the meeting, saying, "I talked to him towards the start of every one of this and his remark was the web has given some unknown people a loud and aggressive voice. It's troublesome for me to watch this (something given to future people) be deleted, like [it] never happened... I think in the hearts and minds of people he is still held in (strongly admiring someone or something)." A United States District Court judge a week ago allowed Cosby and his group a halfway stay in the criticism suit that was recorded against him by seven ladies (Tamara Green, Therese Serignese, Linda Traitz, Barbara Bowman, Joan Tarshis, Louisa Moritz and Angela Leslie) in Massachusetts as they manage their honest/friendly/appearing soon criminal trial in Pennsylvania. Judge Mark Mastroianni wrote in his choice, "Without a doubt ... there is a danger -- maybe a huge one -- that any involving (in crime) proof delivered by Person (who is being sued or who was sued) with respect to the occasions at issue for this situation could be allowed in his criminal trial." He includes, "A complete stay of this case, be that as it may, is not gave a good reason for. It basically is a bit much keeping in mind the end goal to maintain a (related to a plan to reach a goal) distance from the Fifth Amendment scrape. Or maybe, all that is important is that Person (who is being sued or who was sued) be (not having to pay/not having to obey) giving (telling to people/making known) while his criminal case is not yet known."

Dear Ladies, see why it is important to drink sperm

Sperm already does so much work in terms of being the baby-making helping force, but there are (more than two, but not a lot of) other, awesome health perks to sperm that you probably didn't know about. Some of them are quite surprising.

It's pretty common knowledge that sex all by itself does wonders for your body, both on the inside and out. It can even help you live longer if you keep it up past 50. But sperm is not often talked about as something that's good for you, you know, beyond the obvious baby help those little swimmers offer.

To that end, there have been some recent developments in the world of sperm research, and the findings are pretty exciting, if not somewhat weird. Here's a list of the most interesting health (and otherwise) benefits you could experience with regular sperm (and semen) interaction.

1. Semen is a natural anti-depressant

I know sex in general can put a smile back on my face, but I never thought it had anything to do with semen. According to a study done on 293 female college students at the State University of New York in Albany, exposure to semen can lower signs of depression. The study compared female students who were having sex with condoms against/compared to/or those who were having sex without, and found that the last thing just mentioned group overall showed fewer signs of depression.

According to the study's author, "These data are agreeing with/matching up with/working regularly with the possibility that semen may irritate signs of depression, and (event(s) or object(s) that prove something) which shows that the vagina soaks up (like a towel) some parts/pieces of semen that can be detected in the bloodstream within a few hours of management." Basically, women soak up (like a towel) semen quickly, and so its benefits can be easily detected in the bloodstream.

But don't go having unprotected sex because of this. I will state the obvious: There are still such things as STDs and you can still get (having a baby developing inside the body) (even though there is the existence of) this health benefit.

2. It helps you sleep better

Yes, sure, you're usually worn out after sex, but that may not be why you sleep so well that night. Semen actually contains melatonin which is a chemical that causes sleep and relaxation. Whether you eat it, or receive it through intercourse, it will enter your bloodstream and help you sleep off better than most over-the-counter sleep aids.

3. A multivitamin in each ejaculation

One teaspoon of semen contains over 200 proteins and (more than two, but not a lot of) helpful vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, (silvery metal/important nutrient), chlorine, citric acid, fruit sugar, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12 and zinc. While amounts of each vitamin change/differ with age and relative health of the obliging male, there is usually a big amount of zinc present (about 3 percent of US RDA), which is a body-protecting chemical that helps slow down the (old/allowing to get old/getting older) process. So besides exercise, sex (without condom) gives you a healthy dose of something good.

4. Oral sex can lower your blood pressure

A recent study hints that swallowing the baby juice on a regular basis can lower your blood pressure. Women who swallow their male mate's sperm during oral sex often have a much lower risk of getting (serious problem during pregnancy) -- a difficulty during pregnancy that results in super-high blood pressure. So semen is helpful in making and birthing a baby.

5. It lowers the risk of (male reproductive gland) cancer (when expelled)

So this last one's not so much a health benefit of semen, but rather the act of semen is released. The Journal of the American Medical Association reported that "high ejaculation frequency was related to decreased risk of total (male reproductive gland) cancer." This means that whether you do it alone or with a friend, if you're shouting out regularly, you're lowering your chances of getting (male reproductive gland) cancer later in life. Suddenly the term "release your demons" takes on new meaning.

6. It could be the next all-natural (something that puts out a fire)

You read that right. Research that's being managed and did/done at the Polytechnic University of Turin hints that the DNA in semen could be used to create flame-retardant materials. Right now, they're looking specifically at DNA from herring sperm cells and finding that it converts to a "ceramic-like material when exposed to extreme heat."

The science behind it is a little intense, but simply put, the parts/pieces found in the DNA could be a (good for the planet) way to protect fabric from flame. While this sounds awesome, I wouldn't go attempting the human (something that puts out a fire) just yet.

Kim Kardashian squeezes her famous curves into figure-hugging cream dress

The reality star rocked the form-fitting dress after discovering she's now got a 26inch waist

Kim Kardashian has been on a mission to complete her/reach her dream figure.

And just one day after discovering she now has a 26inch waist , the reality star made sure to show off her body when she stepped out in Los Angeles on Friday.

The 35-year-old put her in a very well-known way curvy body structure on display after squeezing into a figure-hugging cream dress.

It was just the number to show off Kim's trim waist - and her big/enough bum and cleavage.

The raven-haired beauty had a clear/separate air of confidence to her as she was spotted stopping by a studio.

It comes (even though there is the existence of) the fact Kim (not very long ago) showed/told about she wouldn't mind losing her world-famous derriere.

She explained to new! magazine : "I want to lose my bum. Not all the way, but it's weird how your body changes with different babies.

"I want to get Kim 2010-2011 so I'm really going to focus and get there."

Kim also added that if she doesn't reach her goal weight then she may just give up dieting completely.

She continued: "If it doesn't get there then I'll just continue to eat doughnuts."

Earlier this week Kim shared a video of herself celebrating after discovering she had a 26inch waist.

The video featured the mum-of-two beauty becoming nervous/eager as a male helper measured her with a tape measure.

Later/after that she was practically jumping for joy when she was told about her size.

Kim has been on a mission to slim down after welcoming her son Saint in December.

The starlet finally completed her/reached her goal weight of 135lbs last month.
Kim even shared a picture of the scales as she gushed over her impressive (something that was completed).

She wrote: "Yaaaassssss!!! #Atkins," after posting the image to her millions of fans.

Cristiano Ronaldo shows off rippling muscles in Ibiza as he's joined by group of stunning girls

The footballer has been given special permission to enjoy a short holiday on the Spanish isle ahead of Euro 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo continues to sun himself in Ibiza just six days ahead of Euro 2016 .

The 31-year-old made sure to surround himself with a group of girls as he flashed his rippling six-pack on the Spanish isle.

He was seen attempting/traveling gently and carefully into the sea in a pair of teeny tiny striped swimshorts, after he was spotted wearing on an (expensive and desirable) yacht just a few days (before that/before now).

Cristiano cooled off with a dip and smiled as he was helped into the Mediterranean waters by a brunette friend.

The attractive forward was soon back topping up his tan surrounded by (more than two, but not a lot of) women and his friends.

He was spotted laughing and talking to one woman as he chewed on his trendy sunglasses.

The footballer has been given special permission to enjoy a short holiday in Ibiza after Real Madrid's Champion's League win, making sure to rest before Portugal tackle the Euros.

Ronaldo was seen earlier in the week along with his friends on an (expensive and desirable) yacht where he soaked up the sun before taking a cooling dip into the sea.

At one point, he appears to be seen waving towards other partiers who look to have spotted the three-time Ballon d'Or winner.

Ronaldo scored Real Madrid's winning penalty in the Champions League final last - just 13 days before the start of the (related to Europe) Championship.

Portugal travel to Wembley on Thursday night for a Euro 2016 warm-up match with England but Ronaldo confirmed he won't feature in the game.When asked if he would line up against the Three Lions, Ronaldo said: "No, come on! Let me rest my legs. Now is the time to rest and enjoy this moment. I [then] have six days to be prepared to play a good competition [at Euro 2016].

Read more: Cristiano Ronaldo proves he's a football genius by missing England vs Portugal

Read more: Cristiano Ronaldo continues Ibiza holiday by soaking up summer sun

"[I am] very tired. I have [played] more than 4,000 minutes this season. I was the No1 in the team again for most minutes [played]. That means a lot to me: it means I am still good.

"I still feel good physically, (related to the mind and brain). If you ask me if I feel tired tonight, of course. [I have] a lot of minutes in the legs but I am still there; I am always there.

"I showed the team I am there for the good moments and the bad moments. This is what makes me feel proud."

Crazy Things Girls Do To Get Married! [Must Read]

Never underestimate the power of a (without hope/very upset) girl to get married.... See what they do below

1. Grabbing a friend or relation's man. All is fair in love and war! (story that may or may not be true) has it that women have chose to/chosen to (because there was no other choice) locking their phones, hiding their men and coding their main point from (friends who were not really friends) cos it's a jungle out there...

2. Re-inventing themselves. Dishonesty/pretending is the order of the day. No man wants to (not wild; easily controlled) the loud, mean woman or teach the inexperienced or make an honest woman out of a dishonest one so once marriage is desired, women package themselves in pseudo, ready-made, easy-to-use, highly desirable packages. After marriage, what
you see is what you get!

3. Trapping him with pregnancy. This used to be the old school method of getting a man to propose. From skipping the pill to flirting with the man or getting him drunk when she was ovulating, a woman usually knew she had the man where she wanted him once she missed her period even if there was no commitment.
Now the guys are saying YES to baby mamas and YES to child support. Are the girls discouraged? NO! The girls have stepped up their game by involving the parents and you know parents don't like (shameful or disgraceful acts or situations).

4. Praying&Fasting. This would probably be a honorable means of getting a husband but
sometimes the prayers are offered up to gods other than God & other times it becomes a song permanently on repeat.

5. Taking his photograph to places for a
predictor of the futureess to pray over or a powerful Alfa. Heard it works like a charm.

6. Taking his sperm, hair or personal effects to herbalist. Guys, disposing off your condoms yourself is not such a bad idea...

8. Putting love portion in his food! This is classic and always-existing but shouldn't it be called a 'compelling' portion? Because in this case, love is by force!

9. Saying YES to a man you hate! A woman has two classes of men usually on her case. The 'correct' guys and the 'disgos'. The disgos usually end up as rebounds but many a woman has shocked a sad (and feeling no hope) toaster with a sudden 'Yes' and men have agreed that truly there is nothing God cannot do!

10. Proposing to a guy! Yes it does happen... (Who wears the engagement ring? )

I Once Thought I Was Lucky To Be With You – Now I Know I’m Lucky To Have Left

I want you to know that this isn't a love letter. I don't want you to think that this gives you any power over me. I want you to read this and walk away thinking only of how lucky I am to have made it out alive.

You met me when I was so young; I was barely a person freely. I often think back to this particular moment I remember, a time shortly before we first spoke. This is my "square one," the starting point where it all could have gone so differently. If I hadn't met you, who would I be now?

You took me and turned me into someone I can't now fathom. What was once a perfect block of clay became your personal project, molding me to your pleasure.

I was young and childlike (because of a lack of understanding), thinking that life wouldn't be so bad with someone in my corner. I didn't understand that I was in your corner, and it was your ring too.
You made me believe that someone else could decide my worth. You convinced me that you were all I had. When you made me feel lower than ever before, all I could do was wait for you to bring me back up. All of my existence was shaped to surround you; your delicate and breakable self-image/snobbiness, your desire for control. I sat awake on hard nights, telling myself that love isn't easy and that I was lucky I had you. I told myself that I was lucky. Lucky.

I lived this way for years, acting as your shadow. I developed a sense of self that needed/demanded a similar person or thing. I reduced myself to give you more room to shine, feeling smaller and smaller each time I fed into your never-ending need for (state of spending friendly time with someone else). As boring as it sounds, I felt like a wild mustang that had been broken. I felt numb to my own desires.

During those years, I was giving to a fault. Yet that same kindness was what finally saved me. The lines had blurred between your emotional and physical (very mean, unfair treatment), leaving me pained in either case. But once my body held host to two souls, my loyalty was shifted. Your words were my world but my body was hers. A punch would leave me bruised and sore, but it would be life threatening for her.

The spell had been broken. Having once been the object of my feeling of love, you were now my enemy, presenting/causing a threat to my greatest treasure. All the feelings of fear that silenced me before returned as feelings of anger. You had never seen who I could become and you felt threatened, I could tell.

Even if you've forgotten everything else, I know you'll never forget the day I left.
You had hurt me over and over again just to keep me by your side, and you couldn't accept that I was through. Feeling so scared (very much), so threatened, you acted out of (very upset feelings of hopelessness) alone that day, doing the only thing you felt would keep me from leaving. In that moment, what you didn't have in logic, you made up for in force.

It's been years now, and I've come so far. All the hospital trips, limiting (or holding down) orders, therapy sessions, and (sad/full of tears) family reunions couldn't undo what happened, but they helped in other ways. I live a happy life now. I have learned about myself, becoming a person of my own right. I lead my life with confidence, having developed wisdom beyond my years. I don't confuse pain with love and I don't let anyone tell me who I am.

Most importantly, I don't see myself as broken. I don't live each day in the shadow of what I've gone through. On my darkest days, I look in the mirror and (understand/make real/achieve) now what lucky looks like. On those days, I think for only a second about could have been. I don't waste my time hating you or (thinking about/discussing back and forth) if I ever loved you. At the very most, I thank you for teaching me what it means to be a strong person with love for myself.

Why You Should Delete The Online Account You Ain't Using AnyMore

(even though there is the existence of) falling out of fashion years ago, MySpace - that old predictor to Facebook - still has details on more user accounts than the United States has people. And now a big chunk of those account (written proof of identity, education, etc.) has been leaked to the whole Internet, in a (making a person realize that he or she is not the greatest thing in the world) reminder that the Matchbox Twenty-motivated/brought about username you probably made in high school is still worth a heck of a lot to companies and criminals.

As many as 360 million MySpace accounts turned up for sale Friday in a 33-(one billion bytes) dump online, according to reports that were confirmed Monday by MySpace's parent, Time Inc. The leak includes passwords, email addresses and usernames that were swiped from MySpace in a hack dating back to June 2013, before MySpace made a site redesign that closed some security gaps.

In a blog post, MySpace said it's disabled the affected passwords so that nobody can use the leaked (written proof of identity, education, etc.) to gain unauthorized access to accounts.

It's unclear how many of the accounts in the MySpace hack were still "active," in the sense that they belong to people who continue to log into the service today. But chances are at least some of these accounts hadn't been touched for years. The reason this makes you capable of being hurt is the same reason experts say you shouldn't use the same username and password for every online service - it makes it easy to take one set of stolen (written proof of identity, education, etc.) and plug them into others, possibly gaining access to the whole (mix of stocks, bonds, etc./document collection) of your digital life.

In that light, it seems there's a strong case for deleting your old, unused accounts - or at least creating a throwaway email address to spend time with/talk to the services you don't use so that they're insulated from the email addresses you use for more important things. Not only does it possibly cut down on the number of (written proof of identity, education, etc.) you have to remember (though hopefully you're solving that by using a password manager, right?), but it helps limit your exposure to computer criminals. By changing the (written proof of identity, education, etc.) on your old accounts and disconnecting them from the present-day you, you help make sure none of your other Internet identities are put at risk.

Personal data from the MySpace failure/mistake was going for sale to the tune of thousands of dollars, highlighting how even outdated information can still carry significant value. But whether your old data gets used for marketing, illegal dishonesty/stealing (by lying) or some other evil purpose is still at least partly within your control.

How To Get Over A Guy You Didn’t Actually Date

The (understanding/achieving a goal) hit while I was laying in my bed crying over a guy I never dated, or even really knew. When I was a freshman in college I fell head over heels for a baseball player. The typical jock, never went anywhere without his squad and didn't do anything that would think of/consider him "uncool". Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on athletes in any way. In fact, as much as I hate to say it, jocks are my type. In my eyes, if a guy cannot catch a ball then he isn't the one for me. Growing up in a sports centered home, there were always athletes at my house. That's who I was comfortable with. I could talk sports with the best of them. Everyone saw me as one of the guys. The girl you could talk to about your feelings for some other girl. I wanted so (very much/in an upset, hopeless way) to break free of that image and have an athlete of my own.

Being surrounded by guys all the time forced me to be open about my feelings. I don't hold back. Because of this, I gushed to my friends about how cute he was and how he made me drool when I ran into him at the gym late one night. When he admitted/recognized/responded to my presence by following me on social media, I was over the moon. Bragging to all my friends that a hot guy followed me. The thought that I needed to be on my best behavior and only post pictures of me where I look hot stayed with me. I was so caught up in trying to be this girl that he would want that I lost sight of me. My friends pumped my self-image/snobbiness by saying, "he obviously thinks you're pretty" or "you all would be so cute together." Maybe he did think I was pretty, maybe not. I was on top of the world, thinking that any guy would want me. Like the saying goes, "anything that goes up, must come down". Well that's exactly what happened. Just when my self-image/snobbiness was at its peak, everything came crumbling down.

A week or two after he followed me, he randomly unfollows me on every social media. I was destroyed. I actually thought he liked me. Why? He never talked to me or gave me any indication that he was interested. I blame myself and my friends. Had I not had such a big self-image/snobbiness then I would not have let myself think he really wanted me. Hearing my friends say over and over that he wanted me just fueled my fire. I started to believe it. In my mind, I thought he liked me and I liked him and it was only a matter of time before we would date.

So I'm lying in my bed the night that he unfollowed me and I (understand/make real/achieve) I'm crying. Why am I crying? I don't know the guy. I don't know his favorite color or where he goes to let all his frustrations out. We were nothing, I was and still am just another girl on campus to him. I had no reason to cry or feel anything but not caring one way or the other abouts him.

So to get over him, I told myself over and over again that I was stupid and should not have these feelings. I was treating the situation like we had been dating and just broken up. I'm talking, my roommates brought me ice cream and tried to cheer me up. When I saw him on campus I acted like I was not affected by him or like I hadn't spent the previous night's gushing to my friends about our future life together. I treated him like I would any other guy on campus. I kept telling myself that I didn't need to chase after him because the guy worth having would chase after me. But I didn't believe myself.

I can't explain the want to have someone you don't know. It was like I felt a connection, or wanted to feel a connection so bad that I convinced myself there was something there when there wasn't. I just knew in my heart that we would be perfect for each other. This experience taught me to most importantly love myself before loving others. I don't need to mold myself into someone for a guy to love. One day the right guy will come along and love me for me and I won't need to change a thing.

10 Everyday Things Only (friendly and talkative) Shy people Will Understand

Most people identify themselves as either a shy person or a person (who's friendly and outgoing), but what about the people who fall somewhere between the (usual/ commonly and regular/ healthy) lines? I'm right there with you. I love going out and being surrounded by my friends, but I also badly want the time I can spend completely alone with no (objects or actions that interfere with mental focus).

There are often times when I find myself surrounded by people wishing I wasn't there; wishing I were almost anywhere but there. I'll usually give myself a pep talk to try to get myself into the conversation so people don't start asking, "what's wrong?" There is nothing wrong; I would rather just be home by myself not trying to make small talk over things I have no interest in talking about.

Then there are times where all I want to do is go out and see every person I know. I'll text nearly everyone I can think of to make sure they're all going out. Interaction with others is a necessary and (usual/ commonly and regular/ healthy) part of life, but sometimes I go out of my way to make the effort to make sure I will be surrounded by people I care about.

If this sounds like you, here are some more examples of what it's like being a (friendly and talkative) shy person (or social shy person if that's the term you like better) is like.

1. You have no problem talking to strangers but when the conversation is just small talk you'd rather just go back to being alone. 

You can hold a conversation mostly, but small talk doesn't keep your brain started/working at the conversation. Small talk is light and fun, but we like more deep conversations. Not to say we won't ever start/work at small talk, because we do, that's part of life, but we always try to push it a little bit further and dig deeper. We want to the conversation to lead to us actually getting to know the person.

2. If you're not comfortable in a group of people you keep to yourself in the back. 

You love being surrounded by people, but generally only be people you're comfortable around. Being around a different group of people makes you feel awkward and might even give you a little social fear and stress.

3. You have days where you want to talk to everyone and days where you don't want to be contacted.

Some days you want to be texting all your friends and making plans whereas other days you ignore everyone. It just depends on the day; there is no real explanation other than you have two opposite ways to recharge and you need a balance of both. If you spend too much time around people you are dying to get back to the comfort of your own home. But if you spend too much time alone you desire being around others.

4. You prefer meaningful conversation. 

Like I said, small talk is not important to us. It makes us more uncomfortable, especially when the conversation goes nowhere, like usual. When we have a conversation we want to get to know you, the real you. We want to have something engaging and meaningful to talk about. Deep conversation is what it's all about.

5. You're always wrapped up in your own head. 

You're always thinking, alone and with people. Your brain goes a million different directions, whether it's thinking about something you have to do next week or something you forgot to ask a friend there is always something on your mind. You also often give yourself pep talks when you need some (desire to do something/reason for doing something).

6. Sometimes it's really hard to get us out. 

Because what if it isn't fun or isn't worth it? I'd probably end up regretting getting up and leaving behind my books and laptop. But what if it's the best time and everyone's talking about how fun it is? There are nights when you don't want to do anything and nights when you want to do everything.

7. Just because you like being alone doesn't mean you like being lonely. 

There is a total difference between the two. You like being alone because you choose to be alone. But you don't like being alone because you don't have anyone there for you. Being alone and spending time doing your own thing is what makes you happy, but being with people also makes you happy. Being lonely makes happy (by meeting a need or reaching a goal) nothing and completely kills both moods.

8. You enjoy listening to others. 

You enjoy listening to others because sometimes all you want is someone to listen to you. Even when you don't have anything to say, you listening helps someone out because they know you're involved. But listening to someone who has something going on engages us because we feel important, like we are doing something good for someone.

9. You're (in a picky way where only certain things are selected) social. 

You enjoy being social, but you don't want to be social with everyone. People that are involved in a lot of drama are completely out of your interest range. You don't enjoy talking negatively about others and you'd rather avoid people who do. It makes you very uncomfortable.

10. You make new friends easily, but have a harder time maintaining those friendships.

Making friends is no problem for you. When you're out you love being out. You talk to people, you're social and you're happy. But after the night out is over and you wake up the next morning the importance of maintaining that friendship isn't very high. Whether it be because you don't feel like texting anyone or because you don't want to leave the house it's the maintenance that is the real struggle for you.

I Stopped Letting People Break Me

I don't cry every night when someone leaves anymore. I stopped wasting tears on people who wouldn't shed a tear for me, I stopped giving people a free space in my heart when they kicked me out of theirs and I stopped letting people define my worth. I still get upset and I still get disappointed but I'll never again give power to anyone to break me so they can make themselves whole.

I don't chase people or try to force them to be in my life if they don't want to. I don't waste my energy running after things that will not make me stronger - things that only hold me back from getting to the finish line.

I could walk a few blocks but I'll never again try to catch up with anyone who doesn't look back and wait for me.

I don't try to prove them wrong or win them back, I simply let them believe whatever they want to believe because they don't want to see the truth. I don't care if they want to paint me as the bad person or the good person and I don't care what they say behind my back because at the end of the day they chose not to angrily face/stand up to me, they chose to talk to everyone else but me and they chose to believe a bunch of lies instead of looking into my eyes to know the truth.

My heart doesn't get shattered when it's broken anymore, it's been through all this before and knows it will be fine and it knows how to fix itself again. My heart may still fall for the wrong people but it will never be owned by anyone but me. My heart knows that it truly belongs to me, so it may wander every now and then but it will never lose its way and it will always return back home.

I don't wonder why they left anymore, I let them wonder why I never cared, why I never asked or why I didn't fight harder.
But the truth is the people who let me down will never be the people who will lift me back up so I let them go, even if it hurts, even if it's not what I want and even if I will disappoint them but I don't apologize for putting myself first anymore, I don't apologize for giving up on people who gave up on me and I don't apologize for forgetting those who walked in my life only to leave shortly after.

The truth is I broke down so many times before over people and I tried to win them back but I (understood/made real/achieved) in doing so I'm allowing myself to give someone the power to destroy me and I learned to destroy things before they destroy me.

After Realizing He’ll Never Love You The Way He Loved Her

You'll avoid looking at any mirror you pass.
You'll brush your teeth with your eyes focused on the sink,
you will not check to see if the dress you threw on
over your head
flatters your figure,
if it hugs too tightly,
if it gaps at curves where you wish
his fingers were touching.

Your reflection feels like the evil person right now,
like she will make fun of you for every short-coming
tugging at your spine
whispering in your ear,
"You always bend for the wrong people."

You don't want to see how you look.
Plus, there's a whole world that could eye you,
could decide you are a vision and never let you forget
your smile has lit up churches before.

But those people aren't him.

A whole sea, you're still lovesick on one fish
who swims in the opposite direction.
You can't hook-line-and-sink him
if his heart keeps looking for her
in every crowded room.
Her voice has been the only thing
to conduct electricity
throughout his body
even if you keep hoping
he'll feel the magnetism,
the magic,
the spark you hold in your hands.

You can't make him love you
like he loved her,
like he still does.

But you don't want clear and sensible thinking,
to accept the only future you have together
is when you fall asleep
and you're finally the girl he holds
without remembering the velvet of her skin.
He howls underneath a moon every night,
hoping she will come back.

You stand in the distance watching,
hoping one day, he will stop calling her name.

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SHE’S PREGNANT! Solange and Alan Ferguson are expecting a BABY. See the First Pregnancy Pics!

Solange Knowles (having a baby developing inside the body): Singer Reportedly Expecting Child With 52-Year-Old Husband

Whoa and here we were suspecting that infant knock season was over until after the late spring, however we have a couple of (people who might win a fight/contest) playing. Everybody has been spouting about Angela Simmons being (having a baby developing inside the body), possibly this is on the grounds that some people are thinking about whether it's Bow Wow's--we aren't certain. In any case, the real/honest shocking fact/very beautiful person here is our young lady Solange taking the warmth off of her sister Beyonce's pregnancy talk (about other people's personal business)y little things. We deeply love Solange and her chill music however might she be able to put it on delay to (focus mental and physical effort) on having her first little girl?

Our young lady Solange posted an Instagram video wearing a hot and big (and awkward) trenchcoat ((even though there is the existence of) the fact that it was in fashion). It is nearly June Sol, why did you have that on? What are you covering up? Simply ahead and let child Blue have a young lady cousin to play with! Especially since we don't recognize what the bad after-effects of this Lemonade collection will be. Blue may have another daddy soon in any case, however we stray. To compound an already painful situation Solange zoomed in in the middle of the video, (focusing mental and physical effort) on her stomach. She hashtagged her record mark of "Holy person Records" however we (lower in number/get worse) to be occupied, we know you're preggo young lady!
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Alright we don't have SOLID confirmation that she is (having a baby developing inside the body), however we can trust right? I mean on the off chance that she was would it truly be such a terrible thing? She just got hitched, you (understand/make real/achieve) that vacation stage, getting everything over the whole house! An infant is simply asking to be imagined! Her new (husband or wife) assuming fine! Little facial hair activity never hurt anybody! No however really/honestly, just time and an official clear speech/flexibility from Solange's group will tell if our young lady is truly prepared for another infant, yet we are certainly keeping watch. Until then we are going to go creep on Angela Simmons online networking pages and stay aware of her pregnancy. Say something, do you think Solange is preggo? Is it true that you are a fan of her music? What's your main tune?

I Only Want Forever Relationships

I'm a (time going on forever) sort of individual on the grounds that in case I'm going to put useful things/valuable supplies into something I need to completely put useful things/valuable supplies into it. I'm not a worthless two things sort of individual; I'm a whole ass one-thing sort of individual on the grounds that in the event that you don't put your whole heart into something then there is no reason for looking (for) after it.

I don't need ordinary (with nothing unusual) connections that will fail and blur. I need practical connections that will keep going forever, not by any means just relating to love, however with family relationships and connections all in all.

I need to be included by people who make my heart pound and avoid a beat on the grounds that their nearness satisfies me so. I need to spend time with/talk to people who move me and improve me need to be and improve. I need to spend time with/talk to people who I know will be there for me everlastingly through the thick and delicate and pretty since I will completely be that individual for them. I need to be included by people who really need to spend time with/talk to me and don't (leave behind and alone permanently) me thinking carefully about where I remain with them.

I need to be the old couple one day sitting on my entryway patio swing looking at the man by me knowing this is my (time going on forever) and (understanding/making real/achieving) that I wouldn't have needed it some other way. I need to go gaga for him again and again until we're old and dark. Be that as it may, I would prefer not to quit doing things for each other, not prevented by/not part of the issue when we're 80 (anyway/in any event) I need to love like we're 30.

I need to be head over fixes, and I know it's conceivable on the grounds that I've seen it. I've seen a man request his better half's most loved food even after she's passed because of the fact that he couldn't stand eating alone and her food-based celebration made him recall that her. I've driven past the couple who spent each and every mid year day in their yard swing together shaking forward and backward discussing life. I've seen old men still bring across their significant other's plate and pay for her suppers.

I (understand/make real/achieve) that (time going on forever) sort of feeling of love exists and I need it.

I need to be old and dim and still talk with my companions from teenage years or school. Even though we won't be as young and wild and careless as we once were (anyway/in any event) I need to think back over the great times. I need to giggle at the hungover kids that walk in our most loved small restaurant on the weekends discussing everything they did the prior night, almost the same as we've all done as such normally some time (not very long ago).

I don't put useful things/valuable supplies into connections I know won't last because of the fact that to me there is no point. When I need something I need it for good and I need it for (time going on forever). Possibly that is the reason I'm still all alone as far as my deep love life.

I've had people come and go, yet nobody I could truly see a future with and to me that does not deserve putting useful things/valuable supplies into. I would prefer not to end up getting my heart broken on the off chance that I know it isn't going to last, in the event that I know he won't shake next to me later on.

I need people throughout my life that make always appear to be too short. I just need always connections since when I'm old and dim, I need most people close by who have been there for everything. That is the point at which it is important most.

When You’re The One Who Cares Too Much

You get hurt. You have a feeling that you're the person who gets let down the most. You feel confused in people when they don't complete something you would complete for them. You let your feelings direct your feelings, yet you can't help it and there is nothing wrongly with it.

There is constantly one who minds more, there must be one that (things to carefully think about) more. Everybody has met times in their life when they are head over gets better for somebody who just supposes they are a companion. There are times when its inverse and we can't stand the individual who respects us. It happens, because of the fact that somebody needs to care more.

Be that as it may, truly, who cares in case you're the individual who minds a lot of and (things to carefully think about) more. Why does that need to be a terrible thing? Even though you have a feeling that you set yourself up to get hurt now and then with your huge heart and excellent desires it doesn't make you weak, it makes you solid since you don't give up. You're flexible.

You generally see the best in people (without any concern about/having nothing to do with) how often you've been separated or let and that is freakin' marvelous.

Who cares on the off chance that you invest more energy, who cares on the off chance that you love and honor harder and who cares on the off chance that you mind 'excessively' because of the fact that somebody is going to begin to look all starry eyed at you over those qualities. They are going to love the amazing way you think so extremely about everything. They are going to (laugh quietly) when you begin crying in a motion picture that wasn't even terrible and unfortunate, however to you it suggested something because of the fact that you think carefully about things.

It's happened/been made real that the person who minds less has more power in the relationship keeping in mind that may be agreeing with/matching up with/working regularly with a few, I believe it's certainly horse crap. You shouldn't change who you are. You shouldn't quit minding to appear to be cool and to hide what you're feeling since that is awful quality of life.

The way you think so extremely about everything is such a gift, (without any concern about/having nothing to do with) the fact that it feels like a strong criticism (every once in a while). It permits you to feel everything more and more and experience minutes that others pass up a major opportunity for by covering their feelings. Things mean more to you and that is unusual/amazing, and you should respect it.

Quit supposing it's ideal to mind less or not mind by any means. The world needs all the more minding people; the world needs the spirit within you.

In this way, mind a too much/too many amount of on the grounds that most of the general population couldn't care less by any means. Be the individual who dependably finishes their arrangements. Stay faithful to your promises and words to people since you would prefer not to disappoint them. Be the individual who loves and honors proudly each and every time because of the fact that the world needs more people who care.

Try not to let the world make you frosty because of the fact that that is the exact opposite thing you need is someone else who doesn't care at all. Be you, bear everything to all onlookers, shout your feelings from the housetop, mind and don't give anybody a chance to let you know generally.