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SHE’S PREGNANT! Solange and Alan Ferguson are expecting a BABY. See the First Pregnancy Pics!

Solange Knowles (having a baby developing inside the body): Singer Reportedly Expecting Child With 52-Year-Old Husband

Whoa and here we were suspecting that infant knock season was over until after the late spring, however we have a couple of (people who might win a fight/contest) playing. Everybody has been spouting about Angela Simmons being (having a baby developing inside the body), possibly this is on the grounds that some people are thinking about whether it's Bow Wow's--we aren't certain. In any case, the real/honest shocking fact/very beautiful person here is our young lady Solange taking the warmth off of her sister Beyonce's pregnancy talk (about other people's personal business)y little things. We deeply love Solange and her chill music however might she be able to put it on delay to (focus mental and physical effort) on having her first little girl?

Our young lady Solange posted an Instagram video wearing a hot and big (and awkward) trenchcoat ((even though there is the existence of) the fact that it was in fashion). It is nearly June Sol, why did you have that on? What are you covering up? Simply ahead and let child Blue have a young lady cousin to play with! Especially since we don't recognize what the bad after-effects of this Lemonade collection will be. Blue may have another daddy soon in any case, however we stray. To compound an already painful situation Solange zoomed in in the middle of the video, (focusing mental and physical effort) on her stomach. She hashtagged her record mark of "Holy person Records" however we (lower in number/get worse) to be occupied, we know you're preggo young lady!
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Alright we don't have SOLID confirmation that she is (having a baby developing inside the body), however we can trust right? I mean on the off chance that she was would it truly be such a terrible thing? She just got hitched, you (understand/make real/achieve) that vacation stage, getting everything over the whole house! An infant is simply asking to be imagined! Her new (husband or wife) assuming fine! Little facial hair activity never hurt anybody! No however really/honestly, just time and an official clear speech/flexibility from Solange's group will tell if our young lady is truly prepared for another infant, yet we are certainly keeping watch. Until then we are going to go creep on Angela Simmons online networking pages and stay aware of her pregnancy. Say something, do you think Solange is preggo? Is it true that you are a fan of her music? What's your main tune?

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