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Dear Ladies, see why it is important to drink sperm

Sperm already does so much work in terms of being the baby-making helping force, but there are (more than two, but not a lot of) other, awesome health perks to sperm that you probably didn't know about. Some of them are quite surprising.

It's pretty common knowledge that sex all by itself does wonders for your body, both on the inside and out. It can even help you live longer if you keep it up past 50. But sperm is not often talked about as something that's good for you, you know, beyond the obvious baby help those little swimmers offer.

To that end, there have been some recent developments in the world of sperm research, and the findings are pretty exciting, if not somewhat weird. Here's a list of the most interesting health (and otherwise) benefits you could experience with regular sperm (and semen) interaction.

1. Semen is a natural anti-depressant

I know sex in general can put a smile back on my face, but I never thought it had anything to do with semen. According to a study done on 293 female college students at the State University of New York in Albany, exposure to semen can lower signs of depression. The study compared female students who were having sex with condoms against/compared to/or those who were having sex without, and found that the last thing just mentioned group overall showed fewer signs of depression.

According to the study's author, "These data are agreeing with/matching up with/working regularly with the possibility that semen may irritate signs of depression, and (event(s) or object(s) that prove something) which shows that the vagina soaks up (like a towel) some parts/pieces of semen that can be detected in the bloodstream within a few hours of management." Basically, women soak up (like a towel) semen quickly, and so its benefits can be easily detected in the bloodstream.

But don't go having unprotected sex because of this. I will state the obvious: There are still such things as STDs and you can still get (having a baby developing inside the body) (even though there is the existence of) this health benefit.

2. It helps you sleep better

Yes, sure, you're usually worn out after sex, but that may not be why you sleep so well that night. Semen actually contains melatonin which is a chemical that causes sleep and relaxation. Whether you eat it, or receive it through intercourse, it will enter your bloodstream and help you sleep off better than most over-the-counter sleep aids.

3. A multivitamin in each ejaculation

One teaspoon of semen contains over 200 proteins and (more than two, but not a lot of) helpful vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, (silvery metal/important nutrient), chlorine, citric acid, fruit sugar, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12 and zinc. While amounts of each vitamin change/differ with age and relative health of the obliging male, there is usually a big amount of zinc present (about 3 percent of US RDA), which is a body-protecting chemical that helps slow down the (old/allowing to get old/getting older) process. So besides exercise, sex (without condom) gives you a healthy dose of something good.

4. Oral sex can lower your blood pressure

A recent study hints that swallowing the baby juice on a regular basis can lower your blood pressure. Women who swallow their male mate's sperm during oral sex often have a much lower risk of getting (serious problem during pregnancy) -- a difficulty during pregnancy that results in super-high blood pressure. So semen is helpful in making and birthing a baby.

5. It lowers the risk of (male reproductive gland) cancer (when expelled)

So this last one's not so much a health benefit of semen, but rather the act of semen is released. The Journal of the American Medical Association reported that "high ejaculation frequency was related to decreased risk of total (male reproductive gland) cancer." This means that whether you do it alone or with a friend, if you're shouting out regularly, you're lowering your chances of getting (male reproductive gland) cancer later in life. Suddenly the term "release your demons" takes on new meaning.

6. It could be the next all-natural (something that puts out a fire)

You read that right. Research that's being managed and did/done at the Polytechnic University of Turin hints that the DNA in semen could be used to create flame-retardant materials. Right now, they're looking specifically at DNA from herring sperm cells and finding that it converts to a "ceramic-like material when exposed to extreme heat."

The science behind it is a little intense, but simply put, the parts/pieces found in the DNA could be a (good for the planet) way to protect fabric from flame. While this sounds awesome, I wouldn't go attempting the human (something that puts out a fire) just yet.

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